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as of 8/1/2021

Home Security Check -Mail and Newspaper Pick -Up- Alternating Lighting Patterns – Check temperature – faucets- appliances – alarms- provide forwarding services for mail and packages – plant care – secure home and set alarms – cable or phone start up and shut off -personal secretarial services – i.e. bill payments, deposits, etc. while you are away.  Water plants and gardens, etc.    $25.00 +

Pet Visit – provide care for pets according to your instructions and  includes all services under Pet Care listed below and services listed above under Home Security Check   max 30 min.  $30.00 (up to 2 dogs and 1 cats / birds)   / cats only $23.00 per visit ( 2 or more cats $25.00 per visit )

Daily Walks – up to 1/2 hour walk – feed if necessary and play and clean up.  Requires monthly contract and at least 5 daily visits per week  for this discount.  max time 30 min  $27.00

Overnight Stay – In your Home – includes AM and PM  walk and all other general home and pet care services.  Time period usually covers from 6/7 PM to 8/9 am. ( Mid day visit extra charge)    $85.00

Basic Puppy Training – special care for puppies – feeding and housebreaking, basic obiedience

ELDER CARE – special attention and care for older dogs with medical issues.

Horse Care – complete services – exercising – grooming – transportation  call for prices

Transportation –   to and from vet – airports – groomer – summer homes – cross country  call for prices

Pet Care – includes care of all pets domestic and exotic.
Exercise and play
Clean-up is included
Medication – shots extra charge of $10
administer  IV fluids extra $25

We keep in mind that each job is unique and work with you to provide the same care you would for your pet.

A care person will be assigned and meet with you and your pet to go over instructions and gather necessary information needed to provide care for your home and pets in your abcense.  Every effort will be made to keep your pets on their usual schedule and routine.

Please note prices quoted for the above are basic-   For horse care and transportation prices please call for further information.

There is an additional charge of $10.00 per visit for Holidays and visits after 9pm.

A $25.00 additional charge for emergency unscheduled visits.
PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A $25.00 one time registration fee – which covers the initial visit to meet with you and your pet and paperwork involved.