About Us

Click for Full Size ImageThe pet sitting service was founded in 1987 by  Debbie Anderson, who developed it from a real need.  She was accustomed to having friends and relatives watch over her home and pets when traveling, but after moving to Stamford, she didn’t know anyone well enough to help out.  Since then the business has been taken over by two former caregivers and has tripled in size.

Sandy Hobart and Ellie Gerli  are both natives of Greenwich and have more than 20 years experience with pets of all kinds.  Ellie owns a horse and several cats and is very active member of Adopt A Dog.

Sandy has owned at least one of everything in her lifetime! One of the major difficulties in starting this business was helping people overcome their reservations about giving a stranger complete access to, and responsibility for, their home, pets and belongings.  Having someone you don’t know well come into your home tends to make people uncomfortable.

From the start we try to alleviate these natural fears; all caregivers truly love their jobs and the 10 or so  men and women who work with us are joined by a common link of loving animals and caring for the home.

Click for Full Size ImageDuring the initial consultation, clients are asked to complete a detailed questionnaire and information check list about service they need performed and locations of furnaces,water tanks, fuse boxes and the like.  Pets are introduced to their caregiver, schedules are coordinated.

Debbie’s Home and Pet Care is insured   We are also members of NAPPS – National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and Pet Sitters Assocaites, LLC also both the Greenwich and Stamford Chambor of Commerce.

All Caregivers leave daily logs of their duties. and on going remarks regarding pets activities.

Mail and papers are picked up; cars are rotated (if desired) lights are turned on an off, plants are watered and the house is made to look as if someone were at home.

Caretakers are assigned permanent “families” to further assure clients of dedicated personalized service.

Referrals are a mainstay of this business giving invaluable testimony to the quality of our services.


Thank you notes from happy pet owners overflow from a photo album kept of all our lovingly-pampered clients’ pets and their homes.  Our service gives clients 24-hour immediate access to the TLC so freely offered by these  caretakers.

Whether your house needs watching, your dog needs walking or your cat needs a friend during your absence, the caregivers of Debbie’s Home & Pet Care will keep the home fires burning.

Service is offered in Greenwich, Stamford some parts of New York, Darien, New Canaan and Ridgefield.  Occasionally and upon advance notice – Florida – Bahamas – Bermuda, etc.

We also offer relocation, state to state or  coast to coast via motor home or your car, for those who do not want to send their pet by air.