Recipe for Persistant Ear Infection Dogs

(This really works!)
I  found this on the internet  –  worth a try16 oz isopropyl alchohol 95 %- 97 %
4 tablespoons boric acid powder
16 drops  gentian violet solution 1%  (you can order from pahrmacy  only about $7.00 bottle)

mix together in the alcohol bottle and shake well –  shake each time before using as the boric acid powder will settle.  To administer use a 5 – 10cc syringe or equicalent eye dropper
at first do not try to clean out the ear or pull any hair.  Wait for several days until the infalmmation had subsided  gentley squirt the solution into the ear canal and gently massage the ear for a minute or two.  Blot the excess with aa tissue  repeat the dosgae and leave it  the dog will shake out the excess  be cafeful because gentian violet stains

treat twice a day for first week to two weeks depending upon severity of ears   then once a day for the next 1 -2 weeks  then once a month or less frequently depending on the dog